"I would like to thank you, that I got to know such a great person, like you Mr. Sebastian, who like no one else is able to support with loving words, he explained to me the cause of my problems, gave tips on what to do next. most importantly, after the first session there was a significant improvement and pain relief. Thank you! "

07.2017 S.S.

"I received help for my ill dad, reading and warm words of support. Unfortunately, the state was so bad and it was too late  that his life could be saved. Still, I wanted to thank you for contact, warm and full of support and humorous words, reading as to situation and about my dad was reliable. Thank you once again and I wish you strength on the spiritual path and helping others. "

07.2019 Joanna.

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"I had a really interesting first healing session with Sebastian,Yesterday. We had met at the Health and Well Being day at De Coffeepot. I was talking to his brother, not realizing Sebastian was a healer, but his brother turned to him for information on a product, and Sebastian came out with really interesting facts about me. How did he do that, only he can tell you, go and find out more.

The healing session was held in a loving and calm way, everything was explained clearly beforehand. During the healing, I felt safe and could relax to the point that I wondered if I would fall asleep. It was great feeling the energies changing and moving though out my body. It was increadable to feel inner warmth spread right through me, I am usually quite cold. That experience happened twice later in the day too.

As we went though what I experience and what Sebastian was aware of as he did the healing, it was interesting to know he had worked on new and old problems. He is very intuitive, great not to have to give a health history before hand, just able to relax and let him observe what is wrong.

Only you will know if this is the right time for you to experience the skill of Sebastian's healing skills, go and have a chat with him.

Good luck, "

08.2017 Jenny

"Sebastian, thank you for the help, support, and that you always find time for me. You diagnose the problem correctly, often where I do not expect it. My three-year-old son had a chronic runny nose for three months, developing an ear infection. And the enlarged third tonsil significantly affected hearing and created speech difficulty. Natural treatment did not work, but the antibiotic and steroid recommended by the laryngologist i didn't want to give it a try. I asked you for help, and after two days I saw a significant improvement. At present, my son is healthy and joyful for two weeks now. Your suggestion about changing kindergarten was also spot on, as thats where the problem was. Good that you're here.

11.2016 Kate

"I sincerely recommend the Mr. Sebastians services, I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the energy that was passed on during the healing session with Archangel Raphael, the experience was very interesting and pleasant, the feeling of bliss of inner peace, vibration, light pressure, coldness, warmth in places that needed healing, In the session I got very helpful and relevant information about patterns that are destructive to me and to my life, plus a lot of interesting advice.I have alot of inner peace, my emotions aren't all over the place I noticed a change in how i see myself and the world around me. The constant presure in my chest had disapeared, I sleep more calmly and I feel I'm waking up the love in me that I really need :) Thank you Sebastian <3 "

05.2016 Aneta